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Winmail Reader 1.2

Winmail.dat Reader is a freeware application developed in Delphi 2006
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This is a utility freeware software called Winmail Reader 1.1, it is an innovate tool for electronic mail users, who do not have access or do not use any Microsoft communication software such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Microsoft Exchange. These Microsoft applications uses Winmail.dat files as attachments but there are in fact TNEF attachments (transport neutral encapsulation format). Most of the users from other e-mail clients (like Thunderbird or Lotus Notes) cannot read them, neither their attachment. With this easy application, you will be able to open, read, view, rename files and save them in the place or folder that you decide. This useful application is a converter solution for those who are using another kind of communication programs. Very easy to manage it has a really good graphic interface. This application is totally free, easy to use; you can also associate your files with this application in the same friendly way as you can view them! It wont be never ever a headache, anymore!. If you think that this application will help, please contribute with a donation.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • Very easy to manage
  • Has a really good graphic interface
  • Free!


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